Welcome to the Good Shepherd Fund

Founded in 1970, The Good Shepherd Fund is a 501 (c) 3 California non-profit corporation governed by a 13- member volunteer Board of Trustees. Individuals currently serving on the Board include the following areas of expertise: legal, banking, real estate finance, investment, and management. A number of Trustees have a family member with developmental disabilities.

The Fund acts as trustee of special needs trusts, including d(4)(C) special needs trusts benefiting individuals with developmental disabilities and related conditions living in the western United States.

The Fund acts as court-appointed conservator or guardian for individuals with developmental disabilities in California, Oregon, and Colorado.

The Fund assists families and parents with the estate planning process:

  • Establishing a special needs trust for an individual with developmental disabilities.
  • Planning for a successor conservator or guardian.
  • Developing planned gifts that provide benefits to the donor as well as the charity.